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June 15, 2009


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Ahhhh. To think there was once a day when there were planning, feasibility and drainage study's to do.

In Calgary we have similar standards for lot grading, plus grading requirements from clients. My understanding is that there is now a by-law that governs lot grading. I remember doing those, spent hrs, then a street or swale grade would change, and you would have to start all over. I had utilities that I wrote to work in LDT. Well now I have one in C3D that utilizes subassemblies. I did a presentation at AU2007. Got overlooked in AU2008, I just got accepted to do one in AU2009. Hopefully I will get a change to canvas different workflows for lot grading and incorporate it in a process.

We use C3D to design surface drainage. Are any other landscape architects using C3D to design? We are now working on a government project in Oman. Involves an access road, a very large plaza, and overland flow from adjacent slopes. We use C3D to fine tune surface levels and locate surface drains. Water drop tool is super. Drop it at every building entrance. Generate catchment areas before sending to the infra engs. They love us!

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