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August 26, 2009


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Murph hasn't posted anything on the FDO vs. Map Image insert because he's still deciding on what is the best method. He thinks it's more as "What" do you want to do with it after you get it in your dwg.

I have a lot of trouble connecting to rasters through FDO. For the most part I just skip it. I usually have access to Geo Tiffs from Digital Globe and they just come in green like DEMS but they aren't. I've played around with the styles for the layers but I just end up falling back to Map Image Insert. Is there something I'm missing?

Has the FDO connection to images been fixed in 2010? In 2009, ever time you open the drawing it re-layers the image on whatever layer is current when the files is being opened. That is no good and really preventing us from using the FDO connection option.

Also, in 2009 the display order is a little tricky. You need to connect to the image, add it so the map, and then adjust the display order using the Map --> Display Manager tab. Once you do that you need to completely close 2009 and re-open it before you see the display order adjustments take affect.

In '09 using the FDO if you try and connect to a directory that contains many images you're out of luck.

Do you know if civil 3d 2009 can support jpeg2 files? I am having problems insert this format into civil 3d 2009. i can do it in civil 3d 2010.

these pages are of little, here I have discovered many things that really did not know, I thank you for the blog!

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