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May 11, 2010


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Can you now edit inlet locations, change sizes, add runs, delete runs, etc... in Civil 3D and take that back into the SSA Extension and NOT lose any of the design input you entered into SSA (bypass targeting, inlet grate specifics, flow specifics, etc...)?

That is the key missing part with HydraFlow...

We have been using civil3d pipe networks for some time now and have also used stormNET (for civil3d) when it was owned by Boss international with success.

We have several accounts with Autodesk in varying countries (except America)and have installed civil3d 2011. The only missing link is getting SSA. Is it possible to get SSA if we dont subscribe in North America? I understand that SSA is regionally configured for American users but so was stormNET??

We have tried various 3rd party applications with minimal success. SSA sounds like exactly what we have been waiting for.

We are running several large projects using civil 3d pipe networks and dont want to purchase additional 3rd party H&H software when we know SSA is around the corner for free for your subscribers.
When will non American users get the chance to use SSA?

Waiting in anticipation....

Does SSA replace Hydraflow or will it eventually? What's the intended use of Hydraflow now that there's SSA?

You can use hydraflow for whatever you'd like. Right now, the complete collection of H+H tools is a toolbox- use what you need and what serves you best. We are evaluating the technology as a whole so that we can best encorporate elements of each for future releases.

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